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Rebecca Kinzie Bastian



copy that lifts you above the rest

he right words, in the right order, make magic. And when you find a deft writer, anything is possible. Whether you need a blog for your hedgehog-grooming business, require a radio script to promote a new tango park, or want your memoir to go down in history, an experienced, intuitive writer will help your endeavors take flight.      


Muscular, Musical, Memorable 

Good writing is tight and tough. It kicks emotional ass. It moves people on a sub-verbal level through images, rhythm, sound.  

It pulses. It lives. I’m a published writer. That's why I am the perfect choice to write your copy or edit your book. I know how to move people with words — and that is exactly what you want, isn’t it? You want measureable results. And I can deliver. 

Get Ready for Takeoff​

How do you know I can deliver? An MFA doesn’t make a top-notch marketer, but fifteen years as a copywriter – ten in a world-class agency – certainly does. 


My most recent agency experience focused on advertising for the dental profession, and let me tell you, making dentistry interesting and compelling isn’t easy. It requires explaining complex procedures while conveying warmth, compassion, and a gentle touch. That’s what our creative team gave them. We rocked the dental world. We even won national awards for it.


If you are a dentist check out my best client, Golden Proportions Marketing, and tell them Rebecca sent you. If you're not a dentist, call me! If I can write fascinating copy, year after year, for the same profession, I can write it for anyone. 

Don't saunter along with an average message when you can soar.

Check out my portfolio,  then give me a call, or drop me an email. 

Copy & Content Creation
Revision & Proofreading


poet, copywriter, editor, Rebecca Kinzie Bastian


love words and ideas. I want to talk about you and your products all day. That's who I am. But when it comes to talking about myself, I sometimes need a little help from my friends. Lucky for me, I have plenty of smart, talented people around. Poets, painters, musicians, designers, performers...oh my! They are a big part of who I am, so I'll use their words:


"Dedicated (to people, words, getting it right), caring, honest, heart-driven, smart. An aesthete; a logophile;  a collector of things, an archivist; an observer; a recorder. Warm, dynamic, creative, intuitive."


I was born and raised in Sweden, and I know it influenced my tastes, my spirit, my eyes and ears. I can't let my writing be just good enough. People call it: Image-laden, deliberately crafted, layered, musical, exact, evocative, surprising, & compassionate. And that's just my poetry. Wait till you hear what they say about my copy. 


I live in the wilds of Pennsylvania with my husband, artist and craftsman Steve Bastian, my dog Amelie, and cat Luna. Our two sons are off living their own wild and profound lives with two wild and profound women. 




poet, copywriter, editor, Rebecca Kinzie Bastian

If you want to know more about me, send me an email and ask some questions.


The sillier, the better. Why not? 




As a graphic designer and creative director for an advertising agency, I've been lucky to collaborate with Rebecca Kinzie Bastian for a decade. I am always amazed at her ability to capture a client's tone and energy while creating copy that is not only personable but effective. That, combined with her willingness to research subject matter, edit, proof, and meet deadlines, makes her an obvious choice for anyone needing her expertise. Lori Mann, Creative Director, Golden Proportions Marketing
It seems that projects are never clean and easy anymore. Thanks for making this one clean and easy. I appreciate that you really did listen to what I wanted and delivered it. –Dr. Tom Whinery
Rebecca Kinzie Bastian is a poet, so it's no wonder she's an extraordinary wordsmith with a laser-sharp eye for detail. In precise language, she can bring the most inanimate alive. Whether writing or editing copy, she is meticulous and skilled. I wouldn't write a book without her.Sarah Yaw, author of You Are Free to Go, winner of the 2013 Engine Books Novel Prize and the 2015 CNY Book Award for Fiction





Rebecca is a dream to work with.  She always comes up with an original and exciting angle on any project, but she’s also truly open to exploring her clients’ ideas.  I’ll approach her with a half-conceived notion, and she’ll grow it into a fresh, focused, fully-formed piece, adding her own creative flair. I don’t think there’s a limit to what she can do when she works her magic—but I certainly haven’t seen it.  She’s reachable, communicative, efficient, and just straight-out the loveliest person, too.  I will definitely enlist her expertise for future projects. Miranda Field, author of Swallow, winner of the Discovery/The Nation and Katharine Bakeless Nason Literary Publication Awards.



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